Wheelchair Travel Companion
Amelia Cooper

"Aaron has always been helpful with booking my trips to places like Baltimore, Hawaii, and Walt Disney World. He ensures that the airplanes are large enough to accommodate my wheelchair and that I get the proper services I need while traveling."

Amelia Cooper, Vancouver, BC
Josh Pineo

"Aaron's expertise is simply unmatched. Nobody understands the hassles that disabled folks can run into better than someone who has gone through it firsthand."

Josh Pineo, Sterling MA
Joe Hall

"While nothing can entirely be controlled with how a chair is handled, Aaron did an excellent job minimizing the risk of wheelchair damage. He even took the extra effort in contacting the airlines on my behalf with special instructions and the chair's dimensions."

Joe Hall, Columbia, SC
Paisley Boutte

"Aaron provided clear instructions on what to tell the staff for proper handling of my wheelchair, what to look for when my wheelchair was returned to me, and what to do about it if any damage had occurred. This isn't really something your average Travel Agent would know."

Paisley Boutte, Lafayette, LA


Acquire a License

Complimentary when booking through Atyzi, or $29.99 Annual Fee if you prefer to manage your own.


Create / Manage Profile

Update your Wheelchair Travel Companion with your preferred handling instructions.


Show QR Code

Ask the Ramp Agent to scan your QR Code at the Airport. Only share it with trusted individuals.


The Wheelchair Travel Companion has been designed by wheelchair users for wheelchair users and optimized to provide you with the best Accessible Travel experience. This cutting-edge tool offers peace of mind by allowing wheelchair-dependent travelers to specify and record detailed handling instructions for their unique mobility devices. These personalized instructions can be easily shared with airport Ramp Agents via a QR code, ensuring consistent care and minimizing the risk of damage or mishandling on every segment of your trip. With Atyzi, wheelchair users can travel confidently and enjoy a seamless, stress-free experience.

Looking for Free Access?

  • Make a Travel Booking
  • Tailored E-mail & Phone Support
  • Immediate Access, No Restrictions
  • Companion Tool is Valid for 1 Year
  • Extensive User Documentation
  • 🔧 Guided Setup

Self Serve (Annual)


  • Immediate Access, No Restrictions
  • Extensive User Documentation
  • Limited E-mail Support
  • License Renews Annually

Travel Professionals

Travel Professionals referring wheelchair-dependent travelers to Atyzi will receive a Referral Bonus upon successful booking. Contact us for information.