Atyzi.com offers a premium installation of our Device Profile platform which will be developed to a professional standard. This is a non-refundable, digital service intended exclusively for individuals traveling with a powered or non-foldable wheelchair. Once this one-time payment has been processed, Atyzi will reach out and set up a time to connect on Zoom or Teams. 


This is a non-refundable, accessibility tool intended to assist travelers with mobility challenges. We do not issue any refunds on professional services after an installation has been completed. Refunds will only be considered in limited circumstances within the first three (3) days after the purchase has been made. These will be issued at our discretion, minus 7% to cover the administrative costs of the transaction. You will need to contact your bank on processing times. 

Abandoned Orders

It is the Buyer’s responsibility to respond to any relative correspondence regarding the setup process. Atyzi will attempt to reach out three (3) times, at which point it will be assumed the order has been abandoned.

No Disability

The Device Profile only benefits a person that travels with a powered or non-foldable wheelchair. However, Atyzi will accommodate limited instances at our discretion in which the premium service was purchased without the existence of a disability.

Geo Restrictions

Currently, the Atyzi Store can only be accessed by users based within North America. This is because the Device Profile is built in accordance with American and Canadian based regulations. Travelers based outside of Canada and the United States will need to utilize self-serve supports to build their Device Profile. You cannot pay for a premium installation on behalf of a non-American or non-Canadian based resident.

Account Holder Verification

The Device Profile must be paid by and built for the Traveler. Atyzi will consider instances 

Need Assistance?

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