Device Profile Vertification

Aaron Busch

Last Updated:


11:14 PM


Flight Date

Dec. 9, 2023



Flight Number

WS 1711

Seat Number


Departing Airport

Orlando, FL

Arriving Airport

Vancouver, BC

Important Information


The Permobil M3, valued at $30,000, is a crucial mobility device that requires careful handling. Visual references are provided for proper usage, covering power/mechanical functions, brake operation, and speed adjustment. When loading, use a mechanical lift. If unavailable, two strong individuals are needed for safe manual lifting. Lift only from the seat base, hands placed firmly underneath the yellow strip tapes, avoiding pressure on armrests, joystick, or seating components to prevent damage. Treat the wheelchair with utmost care to ensure it remains in excellent working condition.

Device Specifications

Device Height


Device Width


Device Weight

300 Lbs

Battery Type

Gel Sealed Battery

Visual References

Power Control

Mechanical Functions

Light Activation

Joystick Cable

Brake Release

Fuse Switch

Accessing the Battery


This step is not necessary as long as the cable is disconnected from the joystick. However, if you must deactivate the batteries, here is how to do it. On the TOP SIDE of the chair base, locate the two black knobs near the front which can easily be unscrewed by hand. Once these have come off, the top shroud should easily slide off. The back shroud is being held on by Velcro, but is safe to remove as well. This wheelchair does not have a light package installed. If it did, you would want to remove that back shroud carefully. The Fuse Switch is on the bottom of the small white box and will deactivate all power to the unit. You do not need to unplug anything else.