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Device Profile is an essential online tool specifically designed for wheelchair users who travel by plane. This comprehensive user guide will provide you with detailed instructions on how to effectively use Device Profile, ensuring a smoother and more secure travel experience. We will cover all the necessary steps, from setting up your profile to sharing handling instructions and accessing your profile through a convenient QR Code. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the safe transportation of your wheelchair without any damage. Join us as we explore the functionalities and features of Device Profile, empowering you to have a hassle-free travel experience.

Getting Started

To begin setting up your Device Profile, you will need to log into using your unique login credentials. Once logged in, navigate to the Device Profile page. On this page, you will find a “Add Device” button located below your Profile Identifier. Clicking on this button will initiate the setup process, which is crucial for the proper functionality of your Device Profile. During the profile setup, you will be prompted to provide detailed information about your wheelchair and travel itinerary. It is important to provide accurate and comprehensive information to ensure that your Device Profile reflects the necessary updates.

Identity Tab

Profile Identifier
Assign a unique identifier to your profile to enhance its security. This identifier will be automatically assigned to the URL of your profile.

Device Tab

Wheelchair Manufacturer / Model:
Specify the make and model of your wheelchair. Wheelchair Height: Enter the height of your wheelchair in either inches or centimeters, based on your preferred measurement system. Providing accurate height measurements ensures proper accommodation during transportation and reduces the risk of potential damage.

Wheelchair Height:
Enter the height of your wheelchair, either in inches or centimeters, based on your preferred measurement system. This measurement ensures proper accommodation during transportation and avoids potential damage.

Wheelchair Width:
Provide the width of your wheelchair, adhering to either imperial or metric measurement systems. This measurement helps determine the compatibility of your wheelchair with doorways, ramps, and storage spaces.

Type of Battery:
Select the appropriate battery type for your wheelchair from the given options, including “Wet Cell,” “Dry Cell,” “Gel Sealed,” or “Lithium-ion.” This information is vital for airline staff to understand the battery specifications and comply with relevant safety regulations.

Handling Instructions:
Clearly state the most important handling instructions for your wheelchair. These instructions should cover any specific precautions or guidelines that ramp agents need to follow when moving or transporting your wheelchair to ensure its safety and integrity.

Battery Access:
Include relevant information on how to access the battery compartment and disconnect the cable if necessary. This guidance helps ramp agents understand the proper procedure for handling the wheelchair’s battery and ensures compliance with safety protocols.

References Tab

When preparing your Visual References in the Device Profile, we recommend recording a video that demonstrates how to safely operate your wheelchair. Record the video in landscape mode to provide a wider view and better capture the actions and details involved in operating your wheelchair. Landscape mode ensures that ramp agents have a clear understanding of the proper procedures and movements.

You should also be uploading reference videos demonstrating properly operation of your mobility device. These segments can cover various operations such as power on/off, tilting, elevating, reclining, controlling lights (if installed), disconnecting the joystick cable, engaging/disengaging brakes, and accessing the battery compartment. Make sure the videos are concise and demonstrate each action clearly.

Remember, the purpose of these visual references is to provide ramp agents with a comprehensive understanding of your wheelchair’s features and operations. By recording instructional videos in landscape mode and including specific segments for key functions, you enhance the effectiveness of your Device Profile and ensure that ramp agents have the necessary information to handle your wheelchair properly.

Route Tab

Flight Date:
Provide the flight date so ramp agents can cross-reference it with the flight information to ensure that your wheelchair is loaded onto the correct aircraft. This verification helps prevent confusion or mix-up and ensures that your wheelchair is transported to the intended destination.

Indicate the airline you will be flying with, as this information is crucial for ramp agents at the boarding gate. It helps them identify the responsible airline and allows for better communication and coordination between airport staff and airline personnel. This ensures a seamless transition and consistent handling procedures for your wheelchair during boarding.

Flight Number:
Share your flight number, as it enables ramp agents to access relevant information related to your flight, such as boarding time and gate assignment. This allows them to stay updated on any changes or announcements regarding your flight and plan their assistance accordingly.

Seat Number:
Provide your assigned seat number to help ramp agents understand your seating arrangement on the aircraft. This information helps them plan wheelchair storage, accessibility, and any necessary assistance during boarding and disembarkation. It ensures a smoother transition between your wheelchair and the aircraft seat.

Departing Airport / Arrival Airport:
Specify the arriving airport to help ramp agents at the boarding gate understand your travel itinerary. This information allows them to coordinate with ground staff at the boarding airport and ensure a smooth transition from the boarding gate to the arriving airport’s gate for connecting flights or layovers.

Finish Tab

After entering all the necessary information, click on the Finish tab and submit. Your Device Profile will be automatically created, and a unique QR Code will be issued. The QR Code directly links to your profile, and no login is required for anyone with access to it. Remember to securely hold and protect this QR Code.

Accessing and Sharing your Device Profile

Once you have set up your Device Profile with all the necessary information about your wheelchair, it is essential to understand how to access and share this valuable resource with ramp agents at the airport. Follow these steps to ensure that ramp agents have access to the information they need to handle your wheelchair correctly and provide the necessary assistance during the boarding process.

Log into
Begin by logging into using your unique login credentials. This will give you access to your Device Profile page, where all the information you have provided about your wheelchair is stored. Once logged in, navigate to your Device Profile page. Here, you will find a Profile Identifier associated with your wheelchair’s information. Click on the Profile Identifier to access your complete Device Profile.

Retrieve your Unique QR Code:
Within your Device Profile, locate and navigate to the QR Code tab. Here, you will find your unique QR Code specifically generated for your wheelchair profile. This QR Code contains vital information about your wheelchair, including handling instructions and specific operational details.

Share your QR Code
When you are ready to travel, simply display your QR Code to the ramp agent assisting you. The ramp agent can easily scan the QR Code using their mobile device, instantly accessing your complete Device Profile. This ensures that they have all the necessary information at their fingertips to handle your wheelchair appropriately and provide the required assistance during the boarding process.

Important Note About the QR Code:
It is important to note that the QR Code serves as a secure means of sharing your Device Profile with ramp agents. However, exercise caution and ensure that you only share your QR Code with authorized ramp agents. The QR Code grants access to all the information stored in your profile, so it is essential to keep it confidential and prevent unauthorized access.

Premium Service

At Atyzi Solutions, we prioritize the privacy and security of user information. You can review our Privacy Policy for detailed information about data protection, including information collection practices, data usage, disclosure practices, and implemented security measures. We encourage you to review the privacy policy to gain a complete understanding of how your information is handled and safeguarded.

Billing and Payment:

Device Profile offers a subscription service priced at $4.99 per month. Payments are securely processed through WooCommerce, and we accept major credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay for your convenience.

Troubleshooting and Support:

We understand that technical issues or difficulties can arise while using Device Profile. Rest assured, we are here to assist you. We have established multiple support channels, including email and premium support on Discord, to ensure we can assist you effectively. As a free member, you have the convenience of accessing email support. When you encounter any issues or difficulties, all you need to do is send us an email, providing a detailed description of the problem you are facing. Our dedicated support team is committed to providing a prompt response within 24 hours, offering their expertise and guidance to resolve your concerns.

For our premium members, we go the extra mile to provide priority support on Discord. This means faster response times and dedicated assistance tailored to your needs. By utilizing our premium support channels, you can have direct communication with our support team, enabling a more efficient and personalized troubleshooting experience.

We understand the importance of addressing your concerns in a timely manner, and our premium support on Discord ensures that your inquiries receive immediate attention and dedicated resources. We value your commitment to our premium services, and we want to provide you with the highest level of assistance to enhance your Device Profile journey.

Whether you are a free member utilizing email support or a premium member enjoying priority support on Discord, our goal remains the same—to address your technical issues and difficulties promptly and efficiently. We are here to ensure that you have a smooth and hassle-free experience with Device Profile.

System Requirements and Compatibility:

Device Profile has undergone extensive testing to ensure optimal performance and compatibility across different platforms. Our Device Profile is compatible with popular web browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. We recommend using the latest versions of these browsers to ensure the best experience. The Device Profile is also designed to be responsive and compatible with various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Whether you’re accessing it from your office computer or using your smartphone on the go, you can conveniently use Device Profile without the need for any additional software or plugins.

At Atyzi Solutions, we strive to provide a seamless user experience and prompt support. Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We are committed to ensuring that your Device Profile journey is smooth, hassle-free, and optimized for your needs. If you need further assistance or have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to help you make the most of Device Profile.

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