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Contact Us provides a Wheelchair Travel Companion that has been developed with proven processes to help mitigate the risks while traveling with a wheelchair. Together, Atyzi is building a platform that supports the safety and well-being of travelers with disabilities. 

My Story - Aaron Busch - Accessible Travel Specialist
My Story - Joshua Werner - Creative Director
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Yes! Our Accessible Travel Specialist is licensed through Marlin Travel, Consumer Protection BC, is certified by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, and can counsel products/services from over 400 Suppliers to residents across Canada and the United States.

Yes! Accessible Travel is our specialty, but you don’t need to be a wheelchair user to start the planning process. We have access to over 400 Suppliers to help build you next big adventure.

The Wheelchair Travel Companion is intended for travelers with mobility challenges. It allows a traveler to store and share important information aimed at reducing the risks while traveling with a mobility device. offers the digital Wheelchair Travel Companion, a unique platform built for and developed by wheelchair users. Once registered, you will receive a QR Code for seamless sharing that pertains to the proper handling of your mobility device. Together, we empower travelers to effectively manage and advocate for their accessibility needs with Ramp Agents. We provide a complimentary license for travelers booking through our Accessible Travel Specialist, ensuring total transparency. Prefer to handle your bookings independently? You can still secure the Wheelchair Travel Companion tool for just $29.99 per year.

The information built in our Wheelchair Travel Companion is not based on presumption, but rather perspective. Aaron and Joshua are both wheelchair users who unequivocally recognize the challenges in Accessible Travel. Together, they bring over 40 years of firsthand perspectives dedicated to promoting the independence and well-being of travelers with disabilities.