Airplane Cargo Door Limits – Wheelchair Travel Guide

Anytime you plan a trip with a mobility device, you need to be mindful that the height and width of your device does not exceed the dimensions of aircraft’s cargo door. If you ignore this warning, you run the risk of damage to your mobility device or being deplaned and rescheduled. We’ve provided information on of the most commonly used aircrafts and the dimensions you need to be mindful of.

Aircraft ModelHeightWidth
Boeing 71728″50″
Boeing 73735″38″
Boeing 75744″55″
Boeing 76769″70″
Boeing 77767″106″
Boeing 78767″106″
CRJ Regional Jet Series33″43″
Embraer E-Jet Family35″43″
Airbus A22032″44″
Airbus A319, A320, A32147″71″
Airbus A33066″106″
Airbus A35069″112″