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Atyzi.com specializes in professional Travel Planning services and offers the innovative Wheelchair Travel Companion tool, combining industry expertise with real-world experiences of wheelchair users. In 2023, the U.S. Department of Transportation reported a significant 24% increase in mishandled wheelchairs and scooters, totaling 11,616 incidents.

Our Wheelchair Travel Companion tool leverages decades of industry knowledge and practical insights to mitigate the risk of damage to your mobility devices. Build and update your travel information on Atyzi.com and share it seamlessly in real-time with Ramp Agents.



My Story - Aaron Busch - Accessible Travel Specialist

Aaron Busch

Founder, Travel Consultant

Vancouver, BC

My Story - Joshua Werner - Creative Director

Joshua Werner

Creative Director

Hartford, CT

My Story - Chase Baker - Editorial

Chase Baker


Vancouver, BC

Paisley Boutte

Paisley Boutte

Lafayette, LA

Aaron provided clear instructions on what to tell the staff for proper handling of my wheelchair, what to look for when my wheelchair was returned to me, and what to do about it if any damage had occurred. This isn't really something your average Travel Agent would know.

Joshua Werner

Hartford, CT

After two modifications to my flights, I decided to enlist the help of a professional, rather than go through the headache of trying to rebook it myself. Aaron was extremely knowledgeable in guiding both myself and my service dog through the travel process.

Josh Pineo

Sterling, MA

Aaron's expertise is simply unmatched. Nobody understands the hassles that disabled folks can run into better than someone who has gone through it firsthand.

Amelia Cooper

Vancouver, BC

Aaron has always been helpful with booking my trips to places like Baltimore, Hawaii, and Walt Disney World. He ensures that the airplanes are large enough to accommodate my wheelchair and that I get the proper services I need while traveling.

Joe Hall

Columbia, SC

While nothing can entirely be controlled with how a chair is handled, Aaron did an excellent job minimizing the risk of wheelchair damage. He even took the extra effort in contacting the airlines on my behalf with special instructions and the chair's dimensions.